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Now that you have gotten to know us, what's next?  
We invite you to join our 9-week Discipleship progr
am called "Re:Form."  You will grow in your faith and meet other disciples just like you.  Use the registration below to sign up and learn more about it.  

When we Meet

Sunday Morning Worship

9:30 am  In person and online


Groups start throughout the year


9-week Discipleship Program for new member and lifelong Christians who want to refocus their faith in Jesus 

Daily Devotions

You will receive a hardcover book with devotions and space to journal for everyday during the 9 weeks (except Sunday when you will be in worship)

Small Group Meetings

You will gather, in person or online, with a leader and other members to discuss the previous readings and get to know each other.


During one week your small group will decide on, plan, and carry out an outreach activity together to help others in need, putting your faith into action.  


Once you complete the 9 week study you will be welcomed into membership at Immanuel and celebrated with a luncheon and campus tour.  But your faith journey does not end here...

What To Expect

In 9 weeks you will have been able to
Experience God's presence;
Been Equipped to Serve God's people;
 and Engaged the World with the Love of Jesus Christ.

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