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Immanuel Lutheran School proudly offers high-quality before and after school care (Kids Kare) for students K-6 beginning at 7 am and ending at 6 pm daily. This program is specifically targeted for families who need safe, exceptional childcare before and after school. Our caretakers model loving and Christian values. They build caring relationships with our students and families so that school childcare becomes an extension of the home. Additionally, several other after school programs are offered at Immanuel Lutheran School. 
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TRY After school activities


At Immanuel Lutheran School, we feel strongly about continuous learning throughout each day as well as providing enrichment opportunities for our students. After-school programs are a great way for kids to dip their toes in something new in a safe, fun environment. Programs offered after school may not be covered in the regular school learning day and could be something completely new and exciting.  We encourage families to explore and find something their child enjoys and shows potential. Research tells us enrichment helps develop confidence, self-esteem, and a budding passion. Plus, it may even lead them to find a career down the road!

Kids Kare

  • 7 am – 6 pm staffing available daily
  •  Outside play
  •  Homework area with tutor
  •  A variety of free choice and center activities
  • A dedicated classroom equipped with rich learning materials and technology


  • Students explore some of the world's most acclaimed museums and create art pieces inspired from works of art by the masters 
  • Mediums include, acrylic & watercolor paint, clay, colored pencil, pen, and charcoal. 
  • Art is the vehicle to explore painting, cartooning, illustration, mixed media, and sculpture. 
  • (Available for an additional fee) 


  • The key element in teaching a foreign language is keeping students motivated!
  • Students explore conversational Spanish, build vocabulary, comprehension, writing and understanding verb tenses
  • This is a year-long course. 
  • (Available for an additional fee)

Ukulele Club 

Our Kindergarten teacher offers Ukulele Club (for free) after school, at least one day per week. (Ukuleles are provided.)