immanuel = "God with us"

Matthew 1:23

We hope you will be with us too.  Join us for Worship, Bible study, fellowship, or service to others!  

current bible studies

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After Word

Pastor Steven or Pastor Robert
Sunday mornings 11:00
Location: GPEC
Join in a deeper discussion about that mornings sermon with the Pastor who preached it.  

Mom's Bible study

Alison Jones and Sandra Chapel
Location: Conference Room
Gather with others moms as we study the word of God and apply it to our life and family. 

Women's Bible Study

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Meet in the conference room as we work through this video based series that helps us understand who Elijah was and how his faith can help us learn to trust God too. 

what is divorce care?

It is a worldwide program created by pastors and Christian counselors that recognizes God’s plan for marriage; marriage is intended to last a lifetime.  Sadly, we know this doesn't always happen, even among Christians.  Divorce care is not marriage counseling.  Divorce Care is designed to help comfort and heal those going through separation and divorce.   Click the "Learn more" button below to learn more about the program and where groups are meeting.   

Discipleship Classes

At Immanuel, we are EQUIPPED to be faithful followers of Christ. Our basic and informative Re:Form program will help you learn about the God who loves you, connect you with other people, and encourage you to engage the world with your faith story.

guest chef

Twice a month we bring a meal to the Veteran's housing in Moreno Valley and serve the families and individuals living there.  We would love to have more volunteers come along with us to serve, listen to, and pray with those we feed.  
Click below for more information and how to help. 

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