*This sermon is from the sermon series titled Faith for Exiles. To listen to the rest in the series click here

Mediation: On any given day we are bombarded with information. The average adult makes approximately 35,000 choices in a day based off of the information that we observe. Everywhere we look we see advertisements vying for our attention. Internet algorithms are constantly being generated to figure out what interests we like and then anticipate products that we might like. In an age where we have so many choices, how do we discern what is right for us and what is detrimental? Today, as we hear God’s Word, we hear God’s Truth which gives clarity and meaning to how we process what we see, hear, and experience. Throughout the Bible, we hear that the Word of God has the power to bring order to chaos, give sight to the blind, and restores the broken. Jesus even prays for his disciples and those who hear their message (the same one we hear today!) in John 17 where he says, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” May today not only bring you rest in the Truth, but that it also shape and form you in how we look at the world. Welcome! God’s blessing upon our worship this morning!