During this season of Lent, we are specifically focusing on the different aspects of the Old Testament Tabernacle and how they point us ahead to the Messiah. As we meditate upon the purpose of the bronze altar in the tabernacle, we notice a stark difference of our church’s altar. In the Old Testament, the blood of the animals would be spilt and the offering burned so that forgiveness of sins would be satisfied, but our altar tells a different story—one where the sacrifice has been perfectly given once and for all, and now forgiveness is freely gifted. It is in this forgiveness won for us in Jesus that we get to approach God in worship today. As you think upon what sins you need forgiveness for, we would also invite you to later go through the replica tabernacle we have if you have not done so. Going through the tabernacle will give you a better sense of how God’s designed for His ancient people foreshadows what we celebrate today. Please check the announcements for more information.