The Pre-Kindergarten classes also incorporate Handwriting Without Tears, which follows a developmentally appropriate sequence in teaching your child how to write letters.  You will see what letter your child is working on each week in the lesson plans.  The teachers also follow Zoophonics for letter sounds and identification.   At the end of your child’s Pre-Kindergarten year, they will perform at the pre-k Promotion on the last day of school!  The goal of the Pre-Kindergarten class is to help your child develop all of the foundational skills necessary for your child to be successful in Kindergarten.  You will discuss your child’s progress during parent teacher conferences in January.

Awesome Owls

Rachelle Stephenson

Teacher - Ms. Rachelle

Friendly Frogs

Susan Pentecost

Teacher - Mrs. Pentecost

Joyful Giraffes

Kim Elder

Teacher - Ms. Kim