Immanuel Lutheran Preschool

Our preschool is proudly accredited by the following accrediting commission:

National Lutheran School Accreditation (N.L.S.A.)

Immanuel Lutheran Preschool provides developmentally appropriate curriculum in a play-based Christian environment.

Noemi Caro
Precious Panda Toddler Teacher: Ms. Noemi
Indyra Gonzalez
Precious Panda Toddler Assistant: Ms. Indyra
Glenda Sanchez
Precious Panda Toddler Assistant: Ms. Glenda

The Toddler program enrolls students from 18 months to 30 months in September.   We do our best to maintain a peer group that can stay in the toddler class for the entire 9 month school year.  Each child will be moved up on an individual basis depending on space, development and recommendation of the teacher but cannot remain in the program once they turn 3.

The toddler program holds a 1-6 ratio and a maximum of 10 students daily.  In the toddler program the lead teacher follows the structure and routines of our preschool program to help the children get prepared for a school setting.   We use the One-In-Christ Bible curriculum, which is developed by Concordia and covers each of the developmental areas, including math, science, language, dramatic play, self-expression and music and movement.  Your child will receive a lesson plan each week explaining which activities and developmental objectives they will be working on.  Because we are a developmental school, we evaluate the children’s individual needs and challenge them in the areas they are excelling in while working with them in areas that need improvement.  Your teacher will do assessments and schedule a parent-teacher conference to discuss your child’s development in January.

We also believe that young children learn best through play.  Therefore, our toddler teacher will design fun games and activities which help children to explore how things work and develop skills while playing!   In the Toddler program your child will learn self-help skills including potty-training, feeding themselves, sitting during meal times, washing hands, and improving language skills.  Your child will be exposed to their names, colors, shapes, and a variety of themes which explore the world they live in.  We will work on expanding attention span, developing fine motor skills essential to holding a pencil and writing their names, as well as learning how to be a friend as the teachers emphasize appropriate social skills and how to show God’s love.  The toddler class will attend preschool Chapel each Thursday of the week to participate in fun songs, bible stories, and skits.  If your child is enrolled in our toddler program, he or she will receive caring guidance and teaching as each child learns and grows at their own pace.

Preschool Program: 2.4-5 years

In the preschool program your child may be enrolled in our Playful Penguins, Bouncing Bears, Happy Hippos, Awesome Owls, Joyful Giraffes, or Friendly Frogs class.  Each class will be working on all of your child's developmental areas, including math, science, language and literacy, dramatic play, fine motor, gross motor, critical thinking and social emotional skills.   The classes are grouped by age and the teachers will assess each child to ensure that curriculum is expanded in the necessary areas.  The preschool students will attend all school chapel on Wednesdays @ 8:45 am. and Preschool Chapel on Thursdays @ 8:45 am.  During preschool chapel classes take turns leading and parents are invited to join us to watch their children share God's love with their peers!   The ultimate goal is that children will grow to love learning and know that God loves them.


Transitional Preschool Classroom: This classroom enrolls students 2.4 -3 years old in September

Christina Allen
Playful Penguins Teacher: Ms. Christina
Audrey Meija
Playful Penguins Assistant: Ms. Audrey
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Playful Penguins Assistant: Ms. Jessica

If a child moves into the preschool program and they are not fully potty-trained he or she will be placed in our transitional preschool classroom.  In this class some children are still potty-training and continue to pay toddler rates until your child is fully potty-trained.  There is only one transitional preschool classroom and your child MUST be fully potty-trained to move up into the next classroom by the next school year. The parents must be actively involved in potty-training at home in order to see the best results.  This classroom will follow the same structure and curriculum as the other classrooms. The only difference is that child can wear pull-ups (Not Diapers) until 100% potty-trained.


Preschool Classes : These classes enroll students between the ages of 3 - 4

Bouncing Bears Teacher: Mrs. Ponce
Sharon Sipe
Happy Hippos Teacher: Mrs. Sipe

Preschool Program

Pre-Kindergarten Class: These classrooms enrolls students who turn 4 before September 1st

Susan Pentecost
Friendly Frogs Teacher: Mrs. Pentacost
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Friendly Frogs Assistant Teacher: Ms. April
Rachelle Stephenson
Awesome Owls Teacher: Ms. Rachelle
Kim Elder
Joyful Giraffes Teacher: Ms. Kimberly
Roberta Keck
Joyful Giraffes Assistant: Mrs. Keck

The Pre-Kindergarten classes also incorporate Handwriting Without Tears, which follows a developmentally appropriate sequence in teaching your child how to write letters.  You will see what letter your child is working on each week in the lesson plans.  The teachers also follow Zoophonics for letter sounds and identification.   At the end of your child’s Pre-Kindergarten year, they will perform at the pre-k Promotion on the last day of school!  The goal of the Pre-Kindergarten class is to help your child develop all of the foundational skills necessary for your child to be successful in Kindergarten.  You will discuss your child’s progress during parent teacher conferences in January.

All classrooms at Immanuel Lutheran Preschool incorporate sign language and Spanish skills each week, which you will see on the lesson plans. The children will also have opportunities to perform in church throughout the school year and during preschool chapel on Thursdays.  All of the teachers will collect work throughout the year to put in your child’s portfolios as an overview including special events and pictures.  You will receive your child’s portfolio at the end of each school year in May.