The registration fee for 2020/2021 is:

  •  $300 for new students (includes Kindergarten students)
  • $300 for current/returning students paid on or before 3/1/20
  • $350 for current/returning students paid 3/2/19 – 4/30/20
  • $400 for current/returning students paid after 5/1/20

Should you, for any reason, decide to withdraw your child before June 1, $100 of the fee may be refunded to you upon written request to the Review Committee.  After June 1, the entire registration fee is non-refundable.

The registration fee covers the cost of textbooks, yearbook, earthquake preparedness, and our school-wide
achievement testing.

TUITION (Annual)

1 CHILD FAMILY - $5,624 2 CHILD FAMILY - $10,967 3 CHILD FAMILY - $16,310

Elementary students tuition will process July – June with no payment in January.
There is a 5% discount when paying tuition in full before September 15. Tuition that is paid in full is non-refundable.
Immanuel Lutheran School has contracted with FACTS Management Company to help manage our tuition collection.
For new families, once you have registered, FACTS will contact you via email to set up your account. For returning families, you will be enrolled in a FACTS payment plan. Please visit the FACTS Website  for more information.


SCRIP profit obligation per school year is $300 per family and $200 for a single parent
Credit is earned by purchasing SCRIP gift cards sold at Immanuel or online. SCRIP is an everyday gift card from stores we all frequent. The school buys SCRIP gift cards at a discounted price and resells them to Immanuel families at face value.
The percentage discount becomes the amount credited towards fulfillment of the annual obligation.
The SCRIP profit covers the cost for educational enhancement for the children. SCRIP monies are used to upgrade technology, curriculum and instruction. SCRIP accounts must be set up online by each family in order to receive credit for purchases.


Individual supplies (such as paper, notebooks, markers) are purchased by each student. A list with specific items for each classroom will be available July 1. Students are asked to bring these supplies with them on the first day of school. Agendas (assignment books) will be provided by the school for students in Grades 2, 4 - 6. English Standard Version (ESV) Bibles are needed by each child in grades 2 - 6 and are purchased through the school.


“Kids Kare” is offered as a service to our families. Our program begins at 7 a.m. for before school care and ends at 6 p.m. for after school care. The hourly rate for 2020/2021 school year is $4.50 an hour (This is subject to change). Special days will have special rates.


Parents may be asked during the year to provide items or funds for classroom parties or other events. Polo shirts and school spirit wear are offered for sale during the year. After hour curricular programs and piano lessons are available on an individual basis. Fees are determined by the instructor. There is a cost for recorders for the fourth graders, and for Outdoor Education for fifth and sixth graders. Field trips vary throughout the year. Parents will be notified in advance of any field trip and the amount of money needed to cover the cost.


Students entering Kindergarten at Immanuel will be given a developmental screening. The cost is $40 and is payable in advance of screening and is non-refundable after the screening has occurred.
Students entering Grades 1-6 are also screened. The cost is $20 and is payable in advance of screening and is nonrefundable after the screening has occurred.