Teacher - Ms. Jenny Smith


Teacher/Aide - Mrs. Kenya Buchanan

Welcome Happy Campers!  Adventure awaits you at Camp Kindergarten!

Jesus will be our compass to guide us this year on our adventure.  No matter which direction we turn, Jesus will be with us.  We will “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances”(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).  Our Bible stories will begin in the Old Testament until Christmas time.  The rest of the year’s stories will come from the New Testament.  We will treasure God’s Word in our hearts each week, through memorization.

Camp counselors, Ms. Smith and Mrs. Buchanan will lead the trek through mountains of good books.  We will walk through High Frequency Forest, learning words as we go.  We will listen to bird songs and phonics sounds.  Our campers will be reading and writing every day.

Many wild adventures await each camper this year.  We will play games and sing camp songs.  We will travel the world celebrating Jesus’ birthday.  After reading Flat Stanley, we will make our own flat student and send it to someone we know.  We will learn about our community and our country.  Our curriculum project this year will be a 3D model of an American symbol.  We will learn about math and science, including exciting animal activities.  We will use maps.  We will also have one or two field trips.

Each camper will have the opportunity to be the Forest Ranger for a week, coordinated with their birthday.  They also will take turns taking the Super Sack home having a time to share at camp  something from home.

Most days, happy campers will work in centers…which is a great time for parents to lend a hand and join our adventures.  Come and enjoy a day at camp!