Teacher - Ms. Jenny Smith


Teacher/Aide - Mrs. Kenya Buchanan

Welcome, space explorers! Blast off into learning with us!

Your flight commanders, Ms. Smith and Mrs. Buchanan are ready to train you for your mission. Your mission is to lift off into learning, exploring God’s amazing universe!

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) We will start at the beginning as we read and study God’s word. Our Bible stories will progress through the Old Testament and switch to the New Testament at Christmas time. Our mission training will include Bible memorization each week, to store His word in our hearts.

Reading is a blast on planet Kindergarten and your flight commanders will lead you in book exploration. We will be reading a galaxy of great books, learning High Frequency Words, and phonics sounds as we orbit the sun this year.

We are certain to have unusual adventures this year! We will study our community and maps. We will splash down in different countries celebrating Jesus’ birthday. We will learn about animals on earth, making 3D insect projects as we search for life on other planets. All flight engineers must practice their numbers and math! We will also learn about weather, plants, matter, and music. As representatives of our country in the universe, our crew will learn about American symbols and historical heroes.

Working in a REMOTE spacecraft will make communication very important this year! We will use technology and manipulative materials. Crew members will be reading, writing, and sharing ideas verbally. We will use songs for praise, learning and fun!

Each crew member is special and will have a chance to be our pilot for a week. We will have times to work individually, in small groups and with the whole crew!

Come join us for an amazing voyage! Jesus will be our gravitational force holding us in orbit this year!