Comprehensive Worship Arts Program

Dream:  Immanuel will touch not only the mind, but the heart through the sacred arts, offering inspirational expressions of the faith to our members and community.

Immanuel has a long tradition of pursuing excellence in all manners of the arts in both our church and school.  Demographics show that we serve among highly educated and sophisticated families, who are looking to experience artistic expression. We have an opportunity to increase our artistic offerings to create a bridge to our community. The arts are a valuable tool to witness the Gospel and strengthen faith.

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Moving Forward:

  • Become a venue for community programs that include performing arts.
  • Invite outside musicians/ensembles to hold concerts in our sanctuary.
  • Develop a children’s choir and/or drama program.
  • Hold a Concert on the Green that would have a “sawdust festival” feel to it.
  • Use our fabulous school art throughout our campus, as well as in marketing and correspondence.