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Our elementary school proudly holds a dual accreditation with the following two accrediting commissions:

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (W.A.S.C.)

National Lutheran School Accreditation (N.L.S.A.)

Schoolwide Areas of Strength

  1. Immanuel Lutheran School has a professional, Christ-centered staff and faculty who  demonstrate a clear commitment to the faith development of their students.
  2.  Immanuel Lutheran School has a fully supportive parent community including parents of  current students as well as alumni.
  3. Immanuel Lutheran School has a committed and caring leadership team including the  principal, pastoral staff and Board of Directors.
  4. Students at Immanuel Lutheran School reveal a high degree of engagement and  subsequently take pride in their school and achievements
  5. Immanuel Lutheran Church is fully supportive of the school and sees the school as its  primary ministry.
  6. Immanuel Lutheran Church and School have created a strong partnership and are devoted to  community outreach.
  7. Immanuel Lutheran School staff are highly effective in collaboration through PLCs and  teamwork.
  8. Immanuel Lutheran School has been successful in creating a communication network which  engages and informs the school community.
  9. Immanuel Lutheran School has adopted Student Learner Outcomes which are easily  understanding, measurable and communicated.
  10. The facilities of ILS are well maintained and provide a safe and secure environment for all  students and staff.
  11. The remodel project for Immanuel Lutheran School has provided a functional and  aesthetically pleasing space.
  12. Immanuel Lutheran School is committed to the ongoing development of technological  resources and instruction.
  13. The leadership of Immanuel Lutheran School is prompt and attentive in providing resources  necessary for classroom support and instruction.
  14. ILS leadership has developed an upgraded salary matrix for teaching staff and has prioritized  the regular review of this matrix.
  15. ILS has developed community relationships with CBU and other institutions which provide  additional experience and exposure for students.
  16. The unified branding and identification of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School is now  visible in multiple forums including online and print.
  17. Immanuel Lutheran School has been very intentional and thoughtful with the implementation  of additional safety measures as a result of Covid which has resulted in receiving a waiver for  on campus instruction.
  18. The tremendous efforts by staff and leadership in preparing for this highly unusual virtual  accreditation visit.