Lutheran worship stands on the unchanging foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, proclaimed to us through Word and Sacrament. In honoring God, we strive to create a worship experience that is both inspiring and dynamic.  Our Worship Ministry Task Force has identified seven values we believe should guide our worship:

  1. Welcomes into the Gospel Story. Faith is not a solitary journey, but an invitation to experience God’s grace and participate in His Kingdom.  Our worship strives to welcome the worshiper into God’s redemptive work.
  2. Celebrates Creativity. God has given us a variety of means to express our faith.  Our worship strives to creatively use what is best and beautiful to glorify God.
  3. Fellowships Together.  We are one Body in Christ.  Our worship strives to build up our unity as the family of God.
  4. Engages Worshipers.  Worship is not meant to be a passive activity.  Our worship strives to engage worshipers to actively participate in praising God.
  5. Applies the Faith.  God’s Word is timeless, and yet speaks to each generation of believers.  Our worship strives to connect the historic faith to our personal lives.
  6. Embraces Diversity.  While we are one Body in Christ, we are made up of a beautiful variety of cultures, ages, and experiences.  Our worship strives to celebrate our diversity in a relatable way. 
  7. Serves as Teacher and Guide.  The way we worship shapes our faith, and our faith shapes the way we worship.  Our worship strives to shape Christ’s disciples as they live out their faith.

We would love to get your feedback on how our worship can grow in reflecting these values.  Please email our office by May 5 to participate in a Worship Survey.