A Virtual Concert and Bible Study

“Most of us don’t really talk about music – at least, in ways that move beyond surface comments like “I like that song.” For many of us, music is personal and private, and we don’t feel the need (or desire) to share our experience of music with each other, let alone talk about it. But any piece of music that moves us deeply – be it a pop song or Handel’s “Messiah” – is worth considering carefully. Talking about music can allow us to enjoy it even more because it helps us discover elements we didn’t notice before. And when we recognize the skill of the creator – that is, the conscious choices she or he had to make during every step of the creative process – we can come to a new appreciation of the ways the song communicates its message. For sacred music, the benefits of this process are obvious: it allows us to dive deeper than ever before into its spiritual dimensions. At that point, the music can help us not only experience God, but also grow in learning, faith, and wisdom. 

This coming Reformation Sunday, a date on which we celebrate Martin Luther’s contributions to Church and cultural renewal, Immanuel Lutheran Church has partnered with DEUS EX MUSICA to produce an interactive online event that will celebrate music and Scripture! As a musician, Martin Luther wrote several of our most beloved hymns and encouraged congregational singing – a practice that led to significant musical development in European and American musical life. As a theologian, his insight into Scripture and advocacy for literacy ushered in a new era of faith and learning. 

What will this event look/sound like? It will be a 60-minute online concert (via ZOOM), featuring new musical settings of various Psalms, but there’s a twist: throughout the event, there will be moments to stop and discuss the music and how it enriches our understanding of the text. Some of the composers involved in this new music will also be present to discuss the ideas behind their music. Think of this as a “musical Bible study” – an interactive, enriching event unlike any other!

About our partner: Deus Ex Musica is an ecumenical project that promotes sacred music as a resource for learning, discipleship, and spiritual growth. We believe that “Gathering in fellowship to listen to and discuss sacred music is a unique and powerful way for church communities and individuals to grow in knowledge, faith, and wisdom.” It is a spiritual and devotional practice that is open to all Christians, not just those with musical experience or training. For podcasts, videos, and blog articles about faith and music, please visit: www.deus-ex-musica.com

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