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This series is written by an African American LCMS Pastor, Keith Haney. The introduction of the study is: “Racial division has always been a reality in our country. At times, it has erupted into protests, violence, arson, and looting. Distrust and suspicions arise on both sides.

“What we forget is that we are all creatures of God, equally children of Adam and Eve. We forget that our first parents were created in the image of God; that image is an important unifying force that defines our shared human identity. We forget that God loves the beautiful diversity of His human creation as much as He loves the vast array of plants and animals He has created. And we forget that His Son, Jesus Christ, has redeemed each and every one of us.

“This study pulls back the covers over the racial issues that divide us so that we can better understand one another and search the Scriptures for a hopeful path forward.”