Jenny Smith

Teacher - Ms. Jenny Smith

Kenya Buchanan

Teacher/Aide - Mrs. Kenya Buchanan

Welcome Happy Campers!  Adventure awaits you at Camp Kindergarten!

Jesus will be our Compass to guide us this year on our adventure. At Camp Kindergarten, “It’s Still All About Jesus”!  Our yearly verse is Philippians 2:10-11.  No matter which direction we turn, Jesus will be with us!  Our Bible stories will begin in the Old Testament until Christmas time.  The rest of the year’s stories will come from the New Testament.  We will treasure God’s Word in our heart each week, through memorization.


Camp Counselors Ms. Smith and Mrs. Buchanan will lead the trek through mountains of good books.  We will walk through High Frequency Forest, learning words as we go.  We will listen to bird songs and phonics sounds. Our campers will be writing and reading every week.


Many wild adventures await each camper this year.  We will play games and sing camp songs.  We will travel the world celebrating Jesus’ birthday.  After Reading Flat Stanley, we will make our own flat student and send it to someone we know.  We will learn about our community and our country. Our curriculum project this year will be a 3D model of a symbol of America. We will learn about math and science, including exciting animal activities. We will use maps. We will also have one or two field trips this year.    Each camper will have the opportunity to be the Forest Ranger for a week, coordinated with their birthday.  They also will take turns taking the Super Sack home having a time to share something at camp from home.


Most days, happy campers will work in centers… which is a great time for parents and families to lend a hand and join our adventure.

Come and enjoy a day at camp!

Julie Robbins

 Teacher - Mrs. Julie Robbins

I am blessed to start my 3rd year at Immanuel! I've been teaching in Lutheran schools for over 20 years (age 2-5th grade), and I'm so blessed to be able to share Jesus' love with my students everyday.

Every day we will grow in our faith and encourage one another. We will be challenged in math, reading, science, social studies, writing, art, P.E., and computers.  Building strong reading skills and confidence in reading is very important in first grade.  We focus on 150 sight words that are called Rainbow Words. Mastery of these words is critical to reading and writing success.  Our sight word and spelling practice will help us become stronger readers and writers too!

Our learning will be active, engaging, and fun! We will learn what it is to be a child of God and how we can love others and live out God's love daily. Throughout the school year we will take field trips to enhance our learning. We will also serve our community by taking part in a class service project.

I can't wait to journey through first grade this year!


Holly Smith

Teacher – Mrs. Holly Smith

I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!  We have much to accomplish this year and I cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces again!

We will be in a new fantastic year of learning as we study the following:

Bible- We will begin the year studying stories of the Old Testament, then we will move on to focus on the life and work of Jesus.

Language Arts- Writing skills will be developed as we become stronger readers and strengthen our vocabularies.

Social Studies- We will explore life in families and the communities that surround our families.

Mathematics- Our skills will be sharpened in addition, subtraction, positive and negative numbers, the counting of coins, telling time, measurement, geometry, and so much more!

Science- Our hands will be our guides as we become scientists in the world of plant and animal life cycles, our earth, objects in motion, and forces at work.

Let’s not forget about our extra-curricular activities:
Music, Art, Physical Education and Computer Classes


Erin Chinchilia

Teacher – Mrs. Erin Chinchilla

Blessings!!  I am so excited to be leading the 3rd grade saints of the school.

- We will start each day in the Word and talk about our triune God and the work He does in our lives.

- Students will work on mastering multiplication facts as well as developing higher-order thinking skills during our meaningful math time.

- We'll be doing a lot of reading and focusing on strategies that will help students to comprehend text better. Third graders will work in writing projects as they develop language and grammar skills.

- Our social studies curriculum covers land and water in our area, the California Indians, rules and laws, and the economy of our region.

- During our science lessons students will learn about land and water environments and the solar system.

- Art concepts that will be taught are line, color, shape and form, pattern, texture, space, and composition.


Kelly Byer

Teacher – Mrs. Kelly Byer

Fourth grade is a year filled with a variety of activities and educational opportunities that allow students to grow in skills and knowledge.  We strive to be a community of learners that encourage each other and accept each other’s differences.  Below are some of the events that will occur during fourth grade.

Students will:

  • Use math skills and creativity to start a business
  • Read  Island of the Blue DolphinsHolesBy the Great Horn Spoon andSideways Stories
  • Write poetry, a tall tale, narrative, and research paper
  • Host a Wax Museum about a famous person who has made positive contributions to society
  • Visit Riley’s Farm to experience a gold rush and San Juan Capistrano Mission to get a taste of mission life
  • Compare and contrast California to Alaska as we follow our mushers throughout the Iditarod Race
  • Explore electricity and magnets, rocks and minerals, and learn about the fast and slow changes that happen to our earth
  • Discover the history of California and its heroes and become heroes ourselves as we follow God’s Word.


Our Biblical focus will be on the different names of Jesus which will help us better understand this magnificent God we serve. My prayer is that our studies and devotions will deepen the relationship between God and each student so that they will know how much He loves them, and in turn, go and love others.


Myka Mayo

 Teacher – Miss Myka Mayo

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. I am so excited to be joining the Immanuel family! I received my degree from Concordia University Irvine and after teaching in Nebraska for four years, I have moved back home to California. I am so blessed to be able to share the Word of God every day with my students and to help them grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically as we build relationships with one another.

Fifth grade curriculum includes Religion, History, Science, Math, Reading and Language Arts, Computer, P.E., Music and Art. We will have the opportunity to study God's Word and delve deeper into our subjects and activities so that we can challenge ourselves while growing in our faith.


Amy Brackett

Teacher – Ms. Amy Brackett

Sixth graders at Immanuel Lutheran School are very busy people! There is so much to learn and so many new and complex concepts to master. As we meet the challenge of each new day, God calls us to grow in our relationship with Him, deepen our understanding of His will and serve Him and others as we do so.

Curriculum for sixth graders includes daily Bible study, math, reading and language arts, history, science, technology, music, art, and physical education. We will be participating in an Outdoor Education Program in the mountains at Alpine Christian Conference Center in late October.

There will be field trips to museums and performances to attend, all with the thought that if we open our eyes, we will learn new things. These activities encourage us to understand that learning can occur wherever we find ourselves and that we should endeavor to be life-long learners.