Adult Discipleship

We are promised eternal life with God in heaven (salvation), by His grace alone, through faith in Christ alone, taught by scripture alone. That is why we study the Bible.

Adult DiscipleshipAdult Discipleship at Immanuel takes the form of Adult Bible Studies and Small Group Fellowship. We become better Christians by becoming more familiar with God’s Word. The Bible is not a book that you can skim quickly and put back on your bookshelf, because it is a window to see what is God’s purpose for our lives; we understand our role by recurring, and in-depth study.

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Adult and Small Group Bible Studies are numerous and various opportunities for Bible Study and Fellowship existing this week–and every week–at Immanuel Lutheran Church. They fall into several kinds of study groups:

Study Descriptions

Christianity 101: Pastor’s New member Class:  A 10 week class, or occasionally a week-end of compact study. This class, let by Pastor Borst, offers an understanding of the foundations of our faith and is open to anyone interested in joining our Immanuel family as well as members interested in a refresher course. Talk to Pastor directly or call the Church office for scheduling.

Pastors’ Study: This class led by clergy and lay leaders on Sunday morning between worship services beginning at 9:40, and ending prior the beginning of the 10:30 worship service. Topics vary from verse-by-verse Bible study to video-based Biblical studies.

Small Group Bible Study and Fellowship: A Small Group Bible Study provides regular opportunities for Christian fellowship, group Bible study, and prayer. Often they meet off-campus in someone’s home; this atmosphere lends itself to relaxed fellowship. Some people attend to learn more about the Bible, then discover that they are surrounded by very caring people; others join for fellowship and are surprised by the amount they learn about the Bible.

o Each group of about a dozen people meets weekly in someone’s home.
o The discussion leader elicits and nurtures discussion rather than lecturing.
o Prior to a closing prayer, the group leader solicits special concerns and thanksgivings from each individual. This closing prayer may include participation by individuals comfortable with public prayer.
o Dessert time includes more Christian fellowship.
o Regular, continuing attendance fosters a close-knit enclave for Christian caring and support.
o Attendees are encouraged to bring friends, relatives and neighbors.

Current Study Schedule

Sunday morning 9:40 am: Pastors’ Study in Graumann Hall led by Pastor Borst and Don Kolafa; OT History Book of Nehemiah: Nehemiah leads the people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem after their return from exile.
Tuesday morning 10:00 am: Small Group in Merle Armentrout’s home led by Don Kolafa, call (951) 217-4328; NT Letter of James: How genuine faith expresses itself in daily life.

Tuesday evening 6:30 pm: Small Group in Gary and Phyllis Malcolm’s Corona home led by Don Kolafa, call (951) 847-7405; NT Letter of James: How genuine faith expresses itself in daily life.

Tuesday evening 6:30 pm: High School Youth Group in the Youth Lounge led by Jean Beck

Wednesday evening 6:30 pm: Small Group in Bob and Linda Holcomb’s home led by Paul Sundeen, call (951) 973-8236; OT Prophetic Book of Isaiah: God will punish His people for their rebellion, but He also promises to send the Messiah, who will save them from their sins.

Wednesday evening 6:30 pm: Confirmation Class in GPEC led by Jean Beck.

Thursday evening 6:30 pm: Small Group in Dan and Karin Jeske’s home led by Don Kolafa, call 231-7921; NT Letter of James: How genuine faith expresses itself in daily life.

Friday evening 6:30 pm: Young Adult Small Group in the Youth Lounge led by Avery Hjulberg; Video Study of Lost Books? Ever wonder if some texts were intentionally excluded from the Bible and why?

Saturday morning 7:45 am: Men’s Bible Study in the Conference Room led by Bob Holcomb; OT History Book of 1 Samuel (2nd and 4th Saturdays)

Saturday morning 9:30am: Women’s Bible Study in GPEC led by Lisa Hjulberg, call (951) 288-1015; Ten Women of the One by One They Changed the World by Max Lucado (2nd and 4th Saturdays) On Break Until January 13


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